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Davido – Intro (Live Session)

“Everything I do may be a lifestyle.” Davido’s brash announcement introduces 2019’s critically acclaimed “A Good Time” and from there, just like the private jets that litter his Instagram, the record flies into the clouds.

Born in Atlanta before his affluent family re-located to Lagos, Davido (pronounced David-O, but apparently he doesn’t care how you say it) tapped into the international pop scene a few years ago with “Fall.” Pitchfork named the enchanting love song one among the highest 200 songs of the 2010s; And two years after its release it became the longest charting Nigerian pop song in Billboard history.

So did he collapse under the pressure? Nah. Instead, both the African and international listening community were gifted a record that deftly combines dembow rhythm with the swag of a unclean South rapper. So whether you’re an afrobeats newbie, or an old head – Davido has something for you to groove to.

Check “Intro” and and feel the rhythm.


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